Vision Services

Superior Optics is an eye care practice with professionals who promise to provide you with exceptional care as we work to maintain or enhance your vision. Regular eye examinations are necessary to evaluate your vision as well as the health of your eye in order to protect your sight. To learn more about the services we provide, please give us a call.

We Provide the Following Services


  • Build and Design of Eyewear
  • Ptosis Crutch Glasses
  • Moisture Chambers
  • Fresnel Prisms
  • Silver Solder
  • Reconditioned Frames
  • Hinge Repair
  • Staple Frames
  • Special Order
  • Special Design/Custom Build

Reachout Program Mobile Unit

The reachout program has been in place since 1990. It consists of making calls to the following facilities:

  • In Home Visits
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospice Care

Contact Information

Superior Optics Office: 715-394-7339
Cell: 218-390-5239
Fax: 715-392-7077

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